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About Tony Callow

Tony Callow Live demonstrating the ar of blacksmithing Stratford upon Avon


Tony Callow is a specialist artist blacksmith situated just outside the scenic town of Stratford upon-Avon, Warwickshire. With over ten years of forge work experience, he creates personally designed pieces for his client's specific and individual requirements. His inherent passion for forging combined with an intricate and keen eye for detail means that his work is always of the highest quality.


Ever since he was young, Tony Callow has always been a visionary with an intrinsic flair for creativity and imagination. Fuelled by a long driven fascination for building and designing things for others and inspired by nature, patterns and striking contrasts of colour, he suddenly realised his long term ambition of becoming a successful artist blacksmith when introduced to the world of metalworking in his early teens.

The moment he left education he began to pursue blacksmithing as his chosen career. His first roles of employment included working for a local blacksmith where he learned how to produce high quality pieces of various designs and in the process enhanced his metalworking skills. He then went on to become a welder fabricator for a further five years where he became responsible for working with engineering drawings and sample items alongside a group of other experienced metalworkers and design teams.

Whilst employed at this time, Tony also studied additional courses in blacksmithing and metalworking at Moreton Morrell College. He found this not only increased his knowledge of the business but also greatly helped to further strengthen his forge work skills in particular. During this two year course Tony achieved a Level Two and subsequently Level Three National Certificate in Blacksmithing under the excellent tuition of Michelle J. Parker, Master Blacksmith, FWCB, LWCB.

After successful completion of his qualifications and many years of experience under various professional instruction, Tony decided it was time to start his own business. He quickly set up his own coal forge and began to create bespoke pieces suited to the specific needs of clients situated all around his local area.

Not long after establishing a strong reputation with his local clientele, Tony decided to leave his role of employment as a welder fabricator and began to pursue his long term ambition of becoming an artist blacksmith full-time. In recent months he has relocated closer to the town of Stratford.

Tony now creates his personally designed pieces and sculptures to order or for show, using modern and contemporary techniques. He consistently aims to make sure that form follows function within every piece he creates and is capable of producing many different pieces ranging from artistic staircases, railings, gates in addition to more interior based works including chairs, tables and even specialised sculpture pieces.

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